I met Paul through the internet as I was looking for a house in Arizona. He was more than anything I could expect in dealing with a buyer agent. His ability to work with an out of state buyer is second to none. He has the internet skills to get things done and keep you informed. This made the transaction as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend him to serve as your buyer agent. I also would use him if I was going to make a change in the Arizona property in the next couple of years as well. I tell anyone that he will do the job as well as possible. David Creighton Sr
To Whom It May Concern, As a first-time buyer, the home buying experience can be overwhelming. However, with Paul’s guidance, I was helped through the entire process and found exactly what I needed. In addition to Paul’s outstanding professionalism, his expertise was tremendous – whether it was recommending a quality inspector, helping me set the parameters to narrow my search, or always being available to answer any questions I had. It is imperative to have a real estate agent who can respond at a moment’s notice, assist in overcoming any obstacles during the home buying process, and fight for you every step of the way. Fortunately, I was able to find all of those traits in Paul. I would gladly recommend Paul to anyone looking to buy a home. Thanks, Abdul Kahsai
To Whom It May Concern: I have had the pleasure to use Paul Welden, of Home Smart Realty as my buyers agent around the Phoenix region. I live in Australia and feel I know the area’s and properties he has inspected, better than my Australian properties that I have physically inspected. He is prompt, responsive and detailed. I have dealt with a number of good real estate professions but Paul is definitely the best. He is reliable, trustworthy, innovative and a nice person to have in your corner. I cannot highly recommend Paul Welden enough, for giving me the peace of mind to operate on a different continent. Rick McMahon
I was looking for a home and a Realtor. I got lucky. I was referred to Paul Welden at CheapPhoenixHomes.com. A well informed full-time agent with state of the art access to the industry. Paul’s energy puts him above the bar but what I admire most is his patience. I’m certain Paul would rather have a satisfied home buyer than just another sold home. No remorse here. James Hunter
When we decided to look into purchasing a home, we didn’t really know exactly where to start. So, with the recommendation of family and friends, we drove to the area of town that we wished to purchase a home to see if there were any that would interest us. This method helped, but we still had no idea who to go to for assistance in purchasing a home. We decided to call a real estate agent listed on the sign of one of the homes we liked. Well, that didn’t work in our favor. The real estate agent was one of the most pushy salesmen we’d come across. We knew we wouldn’t be able to work with them, so we did some research on the internet and, thankfully, found Paul. To start, Paul did not sound like a pushy salesman. Thank you Paul! He was very friendly and very informative with real estate information, terminology, and process. He was careful to make sure that we were comfortable in our decision in the area we wanted to purchase, the price bracket we wanted to stay in, and the houses we wanted to see. Once we found the house we wanted, Paul worked diligently to ensure the process moved forward and with ease. All in all, a process that was described as a nightmare by some of our friends and family went very smoothly thanks to Paul. We would definitely recommend Paul Welden to anyone in search of purchasing a home. Thank you, Paul, for all your time and effort. Cheers, Rohan and Briana Gray
It was our recent good fortune to employ Paul Welden to help us locate and purchase a real estate investment property. Using him provided the advantages needed to search effectively and purchase successfully. It became immediately apparent that, unlike many other brokers, Paul is extremely service oriented, dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. His dedication along with his skill and experience were invaluable. His guidance and advice was dependable, accurate and thorough. Any service he could provide was readily available to us at the slightest request. It was with his help that our long and frustrating search finally became efficient and quickly productive. It was a pleasure to work with him and we highly recommend his service to anyone in the market for real estate. We are confident that any buyer he represents will have a smooth, efficient and positive purchase experience. Sincerely, Paul and PJ Landsberger
When I knew it was time for me to find my own home, I was searching the internet for a real estate agent and found Paul’s website “Cheapphoenixhomes.com”. I decided to send him an email explaining my situation to see if he might be the right person for the job. Paul called me within a day, and we decided to set up a meeting to get to know one another a little better. In our initial meeting at his office, Paul explained his mission to help his clients find the home that is right for them and showed me a Powerpoint presentation that helped me to further understand how buying a home would be so much more beneficial to me than renting. He also explained that this would be one of the most frustrating things I would ever do in my life, but his energy and passion for his work was obvious, and because of that, I decided to hire him. Paul set up a website that was designed to my specifications and requirements for my new home. When it came time to going out and seeing the houses, his preparation and planning made the experience easy. He printed the information for the homes, mapped them out so they could be easily located, and did a lot of research ahead of time so that he could answer my questions when we got there. He was always prepared to inform me of things that I may not have thought about, such as when flood insurance might be required because of a home’s proximity to a flood channel. Being a first-time home buyer, this was something I never would have known about. When it came down to selecting the right home for myself, Paul did all of the necessary legwork to make my job of signing the papers as easy as it could be. He made sure that I had reputable brokers and inspection agents to interview so that I could select the ones that were right for me, and wanted to know what it was that I liked about the ones I chose. Paul always reminded me that I was in complete control, and if I said no about anything, we would move on to something better. Once the papers were signed, Paul met me at my new home to hand me the keys. I was proud to have him be one of the first people who ever stepped foot into MY house. Even now that the transaction is complete, Paul calls to check in and see how things are going. I feel as though I have made a friend, and definitely one that I would refer to others. If you choose Paul as your Buying Agent, you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Paul! Your grateful client, Chris Young
What can I say about Paul Welden other then he is awesome. Paul was my 4th realtor in about a year and a half. The realtors that I had prior just seemed in it for the money. Unfortunately, I came into selling my condo when the housing market just started to go bad. Paul stuck with me for 2 ½ yrs and he did everything to sell and put my condo out there and everywhere. The day finally came, my condo selling and I needed to find a place quick because I did not want to stay with my mom till I found a place. I found my home which happens to be a home that I had seen about a year prior and loved it back then. So needless to say I had 2 transactions going at the same time, but Paul made it smooth and it felt like just dealing with 1 transaction. Since Paul had helped me for so long, we have become good friends. Thanks Paul for putting up with me. Michelle L.
To Whom It May Concern, I am writing this letter as a reference for Mr. Paul Welden. My husband and I had the great fortune of finding Mr. Welden on the internet and sent him a quick E-mail requesting a few minutes of his time. Within 15 minutes Paul had called us, set up an appointment for that same day and a great relationship was born. Paul has been an excellent REALTOR® representing us at every step and was willing to meet every challenge, which we had no shortage of. From the very beginning, Paul explained to us the steps and mapped out the area and price range we were interested in. He set us up with a web site that sent us daily E-mail updates on properties that had become available. At least 3 times a week he made himself available for walk “throughs”. We walked through 20+ properties and never once did he imply we were being too picky or making a nuisance of ourselves. Finding the right place, as it turned out, was the easy part. When our funding fell through, Paul was there to help pick up the pieces. He worked diligently with our banker, made sure our home warranty package was in place, organized the inspections and kept the owner of the property informed at every step. Paul even came to the closing to make sure all our questions were answered. Even now that we’re moved in he keeps in touch making sure everything is okay. We could not have been in better hands. We will gladly refer you to anyone seeking real estate assistance. Paul, we thank you for all your hard work and for your friendship. Sincerely, Tamryn Doolan, President/CEO
Dear Future Clients of Paul Welden, It is with great pleasure that I recommend Paul Welden. I have known Paul since March of 2008 when he helped me find my new home in Queen Creek and found me a renter for my old property in Apache Junction. Since Paul and I started working together on building my real estate portfolio he has always displayed a high level of integrity and passion for his work. He is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Phoenix Metro area. His timeliness and responsiveness to my needs were remarkable. Prior to working with Paul I had another real estate agent helping me. This agent gave me promises that he knew he could not meet … not even on his best day. But, Paul was honest; he took the time to explain what was going on in the real estate market and how best to handle my situation. I will be using Paul again in my next real estate transaction. Buying a home is for some, the largest purchase & the biggest investment of one’s lifetime. It is important to work with a real estate agent that possess both good judgment and a logical outlook, and Paul is that real estate agent. If you’re going to buy a home, you don’t want just any real estate agent. You want one that’s looking out for your best interest and Paul is that person. I am happy to give my whole hearted endorsement of Paul Welden. Sincerely, Michael McCord
My name is Debra Brewer & I wrote this letter to recommend Paul Welden to be your REALTOR®. When you are buying a house, and things are going well, it is important that you have a good REALTOR®. When that home buying experience suddenly turns south, and you find yourself in unexpected waters, it is crucial that you have Paul Welden as your REALTOR®, a person who you know is looking out for you. I started the journey of buying my first home with a different REALTOR® other than Paul and a different house. However, after I put in the offer, I soon realized that this other REALTOR® had her commission, rather than my happiness or best interest at heart. I friend referred me to Paul Welden, and he soon helped me find my dream home. Everything was going smoothly, with a few of the normal bumps in the road, until the day I was supposed to go and sign the paperwork, when we discovered that the mortgage company lied to me. Luckily, I had Paul there to hold my hand and help me find a new mortgage. He was able to work with the new mortgage broker, the seller, and myself, keeping everyone happy and eventually still enabling me to buy my house! Every step of the way, Paul was there, answering my questions, supplying information, and serving my needs in whatever way I saw fit. I know that if I had been with any other REALTOR®, it is very likely that I would not own my dream home. Paul always gave me choices for how to proceed, instead of deciding for me, but also gave me the expertise of his advice of how it is often done, or the consequences of any action. Paul is great with people and obviously loves his job, helping people buy homes. He works hard, and I never felt that I was a bother or that he was too busy for my, even when I was calling multiple times a day. He was always there to serve me and help me every step of the way. He is upbeat and light hearted, but can be serious and informative when appropriate. It is over a year later, and I have already referred some of my friends to Paul, and will continue doing so as long as I live here in Phoenix. Paul has continued to stay in contact with me, going far beyond what I ever expected from a REALTOR®. When I had a roof issue after 9 months of owning my home, he was there, looking up information, and telling me who to call. As a first time home buyer, this has really helped me when I didn’t know what to do! I know that whatever problems or questions I might have about my home, I can always call Paul and he will be there for me. I highly recommend Paul Welden to you. He is an honest, straightforward, and loyal REALTOR®, who will truly look out for your best interest and help you get the best deal for your house. Thanks Paul, for everything!! Debra Brewer
My husband, Patrick Toscino, and I were thinking of buying a house to call our home last August of 2007. So he searched for houses for sale on the internet and that’s how we found Paul Welden. We finally decided to contact him through emails and he immediately set up an appointment to meet us personally. Hesitant as we were because of our past encounters with other realtors who were very insistent, we decided to see him at his office in Phoenix, AZ. The first meeting was very comfortable and we didn’t feel we had to commit to something we weren’t so sure of. He interviewed us on what exactly we were looking for and what our price range was. Then we found ourselves looking over listings that pleased us and motivated us to continue our search for our dream house. Unlike other realtors who tend to push and even pressure their clients into making bad decisions, Paul was not after his own interest but wanted us to find our home and be happily satisfied with our choice. He is a very reliable and efficient person whom one can depend on. He impressed us very much by being very professional and ethical, considering we were very choosy and careful with our search. Indeed he patiently guided us until we finally found our dream house…one that we now call our own home sweet home. We can never be thankful enough for his outstanding service, genuine attitude and warm personality. We strongly recommend Paul Welden to be your realtor, for with him you can’t expect for anything less than what you deserve. He will help you realize your dream of finding your own home and be happy with it. Respectfully Yours, Patrick and Sarah Toscino
To Whom It May Concern: Meeting Paul was purely by chance. I had done my research, got approved for a loan and knew what I wanted. I called the number on the window of a Condo that I wanted to look at—Paul is the one that answered. He made arrangements to meet with me that day and I have been grateful ever since. Paul took the time to get to know both my daughter and myself. He found out exactly what was important to me and walked me through every step of the process. When we went looking at Condos, Paul was very patient with my questions and allowed me to take my time. I found two properties that I was on the fence about. Paul advised me to sleep on it over the weekend. I am very thankful that I did. Based on the knowledge and guidance of Paul I found the perfect place for my daughter and myself. We have been in our new home for a couple months and couldn’t be happier. This was the best home buying experience that I have been through. Paul was always on time and treated my daughter and I like we were the only customers he had. I have the highest level of respect for Paul and would never recommend or go to anyone else for any real estate transactions. Sincerely, Amy and Mandy Reimer
To whom it may concern: During the month of July 2007, I started the journey of a home search here in the valley. I interviewed with teams of realtors in regards to what might be my future home. I decided to work with Paul Welden based on the upfront information that was presented to me and the belief that he would help me get into the home that I was anxiously pursuing. He guided me through the process; He had back up assistance for me when I needed to view properties. He kept open lines of communications with me and parties involved including Financial Institutions. Because of the type of property I purchased, the process was somewhat longer. Paul was there to help every step of the way with updates. He was present at the closing at Security Title to oversee the paperwork and available for answering questions that might arise. Once the funding process was completed I took delivery of property keys, delivered in hand by Paul. Paul worked hard for me and I highly recommend him. I consider Paul a respectable, honorable team player with your best interest in mind. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Satisfied Client, Jesus Ortiz
The purpose of my letter is to offer my opinion of the real estate service provided by Paul Welden. I want to highly recommend Paul for his outstanding service. During the search for our home, we looked at many areas with other Realtors. The market was swift and we experienced several disappointing contracts with agents that didn’t measure up. Luckily, we found Paul. Throughout the entire process, Paul was timely, conscientious, honest, considerate, knowledgeable and very professional. When we viewed neighborhoods he would open his computer and verify the price, check comps, and answer our questions. I always felt like I was his only client and my business was important to him. From beginning, middle and through the close of escrow, Paul has offered outstanding service. Thank You, paul. We appreciate your hard work and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone with real estate needs. Sincerely, Cynthia Bustamante
Dear Paul, It’s been a couple of months now since we found my condo, its so great to be a homeowner. You have helped me accomplish a dream of mine, how do you thank someone for that! I have to say without your help, keeping me calm and letting me know how the process all worked, answering all of my questions and returning all of my phone calls, well you made the process so easy to get through. You are not just my realtor but someone I consider a friend, and I want to thank you for all the special attention. Always, Ronnette Freitas
I am writing to convey my overall experience with my REALTOR®, Paul Welden. During our transaction Paul was extremely patient and understanding. It was a very hard decision trying to decide which property would be the best fit for my family. We looked at various properties and he never pressured me into choosing something that would not be best for my family. He worked with me for about 3 months helping me find the home of my dreams. Paul’s customer service skills were very attentive and he was extremely fast to return my calls whenever I called him with a question. When Paul did return my calls in an expedient manner, it did help the process flow very seamless. He also was great at calming all of my fears as I/we got closer to my closing date. I would highly recommend Paul Welden for all of your Real Estate needs. Sincerely, Judy Finn
It is with great pleasure that we recommend Paul Welden to assist you with your Real Estate needs.He has assisted us with numerous Real Estate transactions(both buying and selling), all with favorable outcomes. He takes great pride in his work, while displaying a high level of integrity, responsibility, ambition, & enthusiasm. His follow up, follow-through, and accessibility were greatly appreciated throughout our transactions. In addition, his positive attitude, marketing sensitivity, attention both to detail and quality of product delivered and his ability to communicate effectively with his clients and with the buying or selling agent all contributed significantly to our real estate success. We recommend him to our friends & business associates when they require the services of a professional Realtor, and we will continue to call upon his guidance for our future Real Estate endeavors. You will not be disappointed by having Paul Welden assist you. Thank You, Robert & Diane DelGarbino
Mr. Welden was very professional with my wife & me. He started by sending us pictures of homes through the internet. He helped us step by step in acquiring our new home. He also helped with the procedures and knows about buying a home. I am very grateful for his help. I have talked to other Real Estate people, but Paul was the most patient with me. Sometimes when we would meet & discuss homes, he would answer all my questions, but as soon as he would leave, I would call him right away (sometimes 3-4 times) because I would have more questions & he would answer all of them & never made me feel like I was a burden. He was very patient with me. I hope that Paul can use this letter as advertisement, because as far as I am concerned, he knows Real Estate & how to take care of people. I will always keep him in my prayers. Sincerely, Antonio M. Chavez, Sr. and Maria Chavez
My husband, Allen, and I saw a house we liked in a neighborhood we were interested in buying. The house had Paul’s number on the sign so we gave him a call. Paul came instantly after we called. We did not like the house. When we had gotten home that afternoon after seeing that house, my husband and I discussed having Paul as our realtor. We were impressed! To name a few of his attributes: polite, knowledgeable, professional, well dressed, ambitious, eager, (and many more). We bought our new house with Paul as our realtor. Paul also sold our current house. We were very happy with Paul as our realtor. He went the “extra” mile to insure that both selling and buying our homes went smooth and effortless for Allen and me. He was considerate of my night shift work schedule and Allen’s heavy work schedule. All we did was find the house (first one I looked at), apply for our mortgage, and sign the papers at closing. Paul did the rest! Paul even came to our closing! Paul is not only our Realtor but we both consider him our friend. Thank You Paul! Please feel free to use us a reference. Sincerely, Allen and Dee Dee Butler
I had to take the time out of my busy schedule to let you know, you did an awesome job finding my beautiful home. Words can not express the wonderful hassle free experience that I had. Although this was my 5th home, I had very little knowledge of buying a home on my own, until you came along. You took your time and walked me threw the steps, by taking baby steps, and you were always asking me questions to make certain that I understood everything. You were always professional, accurate with your responses and just did everything a homebuyer could dream of when purchasing a home. You calmed my nerves, and when cold feet were setting in, you held my thoughts together as my dream of being a homeowner came together … and for that I say THANK YOU. The follow up after the sale has been awesome. You came to visit and gave me tips on items around my home. I could not have found a better Realtor than you. If you had not taken the time and energy to work with me, to open up all doors with no hidden agendas, I would not be a happy homeowner today. If I ever decide to sell my home, or know someone who wants to sell or buy, your name will be the one I recommend. Sincerely, Rena Cannon
If you are in the market for a professional, knowledgeable and hard working Realtor I can honestly tell you I have never met anyone in any venue with better customer service skills and a higher acumen than Paul. I was going through a nightmare renovation loan scenario and posted questions on an online blog. Paul reached out to me to help... for which he receives not a penny but my eternal gratitude. I called him one evening and he spent an hour thoroughly listening to my issues and providing excellent and accurate advice on his own time. By the way, I live in Vermont. If he provides this level of service to a stranger thousands of miles away, imagine what you can expect from him locally. I only wish I could say more nice things.... Thanks Paul! Bart Hineburg
When we decided to purchase our first home, we did extensive research on how to choose an agent. We read several reviews and articles on how to pick an agent. We were very pleased to have found Paul Welden. He helped tremendously in the purchase of our first home. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and patient. We never felt pressured into making an offer on a home and he actually pointed out problem areas with homes that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought about. He always had our best interest in mind. As first time homebuyers, we didn’t know exactly what to expect, but he made us feel at ease and gave us lots of very helpful information so we would make informed decisions. I would definitely use him again on our next home purchase and would highly recommend him to anyone buying a home. Thank you Paul! Emma Abeare

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