Phoenix Pre-Foreclosures

Follow these 9 steps to get immediate access to all of the Pre-Foreclosures in the Phoenix Metro area:
(updated daily)

  1. Go to Maricopa County Recorder's Website
  2. Select Document Code - "Notice of Trustees Sale"
  3. Select the search date range.
  4. Click search
  5. A new window will open up which will list all properties in foreclosure within your date range
  6. To view the property info, click any recording number 
  7. On this new page, make certain that the PDF button is marked. DO NOT CLICK “Buy Document.” Instead, scroll to the right side of the page & click the number above “View Unofficial.”
  8. Either a PDF document will open or will be downloaded (depends on your computer settings).
  9. This PDF is the pre-foreclosure document which will list the property address, owner’s name, original amount owed, lender info & auction date/location.

    (scroll down beneath the search database to learn what to do with this information)


So, there you have it ….. access to free and unlimited lists of Phoenix area properties in pre-foreclosure! This is the same way that those “foreclosure websites” get their information but make you pay for it. There is no reason to pay a person, company or website for lists of Phoenix foreclosures, because in Phoenix, Arizona, access to this public information is free.

Why is this information FREE?
When a property enters foreclosure in the Phoenix area in Maricopa County, the bank is required to submit a public document, which can be found online & free for everyone to see. It’s called a “Notice of Trustee Sale.” This document is the bank’s first step towards foreclosing on the property and will detail almost everything you want to know, such as the owner’s name, property address, tax parcel number, original amount owed, auction date, auction location & who the bank is.

Keep in mind that these properties have only recently entered the foreclosure process. They are not yet bank owned (REO) and they may not even be for sale. But this is the same way that those “foreclosure websites” get their info from but make you pay for it. So, to get access to free and unlimited lists of Phoenix pre-foreclosures, follow the 10 steps listed above.

How to buy these properties
To buy one of these Phoenix foreclosures before they go to auction and become bank owned, you could

  1. call the owner who may not even know they’re in foreclosure;
  2. mail them something in order to get them to contact you;
  3. knock on their front door. Keep in mind, the owner may not live there, may not even know he/she is in foreclosure, may have been contacted by hundreds or thousands of others like you, may be embarrassed and/or upset and may not have even any equity in their property … owing more than what it’s worth;
  4. hire a Buyer’s Agent to assist you

Also, a lot of these properties that are in foreclosure have mortgage insurance, which protects the bank in the event of a foreclosure. So, these mortgage banks can be reluctant to work out a deal because their losses can be protected by the mortgage insurance.

If you want to wait for the Trustee Sale foreclosure auction, here’s information that you will need. The Trustee Sale foreclosure auctions in the Phoenix area in Maricopa County are not set up for the average buyer to participate, because the risks are too high. Here’s why:

  • You are required to pay $10,000 just to bid (refundable if you don’t win a property).
  • The balance is then due in CASH by 5pm the next business day.
  • If you do not complete the transaction, your $10,000 is forfeited.
  • You must buy the auction property in AS-IS condition, without any inspections, and evict the previous owners & any occupants.
  • You will inherit all liabilities for the property 

For the average home buyer, Trustee Sale foreclosure auctions are a waste of time & are a bad choice to find real deals on Phoenix foreclosures, because the risks are too high. These foreclosure auctions are NOT the ones you see advertised on TV or in the newspapers…most of those are “scams.” I am referring to the Trustee Sale foreclosure auctions that are required by state law and usually held at the county courthouse.

How to find the real foreclosures for sale?
You need to have access to the Phoenix REO’s (bank owned homes) & Phoenix Foreclosures that are actually for sale. Unfortunately, using the 10 step process above is not the most efficient way to do it. But, when you allow me to help you as your Buyer’s Agent, I will give you access to the Phoenix REO’s & Phoenix foreclosures that are actually for sale, including addresses & photos. Just let me know by completing the form to the right or Contact Paul Welden.

Buying a Phoenix foreclosure is not easy … even with our assistance. In fact, in 2011 85% of the property owners that entered foreclosure, either postponed or stopped the foreclosure process entirely. And the ones that went to auction, 90% of them went back to the bank. So, you can’t even buy most of the properties in foreclosure listed on the free, public database or on those “foreclosure websites.” To be efficient with your time & to find the best deals from motivated sellers, you need to know which Phoenix REO’s & Phoenix Foreclosures are actually for sale, and I will give you access to these for FREE, including addresses & photos. Or, you can always follow the 10-step process above to search through the free county database, then knock on doors, cold-call owners or even mail them something, but you will be wasting about 99% of your time and money and risk missing out on the best deals. That’s something that nobody else wants to tell you because they want to fill your head with lofty hopes & high dreams and tell you how easy it is. Well, it’s not easy & my only goal is to help you find, negotiate and buy the cheapest Phoenix home for sale, and I am really good at it. Buying a foreclosure property requires a lot of work, experience & attention to detail, and I have helped many buyers successfully purchase foreclosures.

Most Phoenix home buyers who are looking for a home to purchase are just looking for good, honest information to help them make good real estate decisions. I believe that Phoenix home buyers are not looking to be “sold” something, but rather only want information. The home buyers who let me help them as their Phoenix Buyer’s Agent are the most informed home buyers in the Phoenix area. Read some of the Testimonials that I received, and then you’ll understand why home buyers want my assistance by allowing me to be their Phoenix Exclusive Buyer's REALTOR®.

There are thousands of cheap Phoenix homes for sale that are just waiting for the right buyer. I will help you and give you access to the Phoenix foreclosures that are actually for sale including addresses and photos. The only condition is that you allow me to be your Phoenix Buyer’s Agent.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

You get what you came here for and I get to help you to find, negotiate and buy the cheapest Phoenix home for sale. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

I look forward to assisting you by giving you the knowledge and information you need to make good decisions.

Exclusive Buyer's Agent
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